Two help guidelines have been created for Google Apps users at an organization "ORG" to learn and gain proficiency with using the newly deployed Google Apps environment.  
  • User Help - Users are participants in activities and are generally consumers of information.
  • Manager Help - Managers are the leadership team of the organization or specific activities and are the providers of content.

These guidelines provide tips for understanding and effectively using Google Apps services. Some troubleshooting info is also included. This help guide outlines the Best Practices we recommend when deploying and using Google Apps, however specific implementations by the owners/managers of individual activities may differ. This site provides a middle layer of information between information that may exist in each service and its menus, and the support help pages provided by Google.

 Help Resources Context
 Settings and Menus within each Google service The first place to look, but when you get stuck...
 Google Apps Help Guide (this site) How to use these services in the context of ORG. Offering some tips for setting up and using these services in a relevant manner.
 Google Help and Learning Resources Google offers many resources for digging deeper. This site provides some useful links throughout and in the 'Learn More' section at bottom of each page.

ORG may be using the following Google Apps services on a regular basis (n.b. Google has many others, too):
  • Accounts - to get the most from this environment, you'll need a Google Account (which doesn't mean you have to get a new email address, but by logging into your Google Account you'll have access to resources that are only available to a user account that has been granted permission).
  • Calendars - access personal and multiple ORG calendars, and you can add them into your smartphone and computer's calendar application.
  • Drive - folder/file storage with sharing (current materials and archives).
  • Gmail - email, note Google Apps addresses are:  bob@orgname.com; personal gmail accounts are: tony@gmail.com.
  • Groups - join various groups, and as a member you'll receive email updates and have access to other group resources.
  • PicasaWeb - photo albums for sharing photos and slideshows (by links or embedding them into sites); archive storage.
  • Sites - easily edited websites (such as this one) under the control of each activity.
  • Video - upload and share video clips (by links or embedding them into sites).
Read an expanded description on the Google Apps Overview page.