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New Account

Quick Start:

Your organization or team may have asked you to get a Google Account so you can access their online resources (such as websites, calendars, file sharing). 

When people share information publicly, such as, access is unrestricted and signing up for group lists with any email address is adequate. The historic method for sharing private information had been to send email with attachments. In today's internet, private information is shared via restricted areas that people access by logging into user accounts. No doubt most people all have multiple accounts, DropBox, Google, Shutterfly, Yahoo, etc.

A Google Account is a user's key to accessing secure private information hosted by your organization or team.

Many of you may already have a Google Account, but for those who don't, your organization/team recommends that you obtain a Google Account.

We recognize that every different account you must open and use is a burden, and that creating a new Google Account requires effort on your part. However the organization/team hopes that the use of Google tools will allow your to benefit from broader communication & collaboration services with fewer accounts.

A Google Account is NOT mandatory, you will still be able to participate in Google Groups with any email address. However, without an account you will not be able to access any private information shared online.

Google Account Options

If you don't currently have a Google Account, here are your options to get a free one, or remain without an account.
  1. Consumer Google Account - with gmail address: *
  2. Non-Gmail Google Account - can login to Google but use your existing non-Google email (similar to a Shutterfly login)
  3. No Account - limited access for all public items and email groups only

* Organization leaders may also be eligible to get a Google Apps account such as or (please contact your administrator)

Obtain a free Google Account

Go to the Google Account SignUp page: and complete the form to create either type of free Google Account:

  • a Google Account for your non-Google email (this is similar to creating a login for sites like Shutterfly or TeamSnap)
  • a Google Account with Gmail (this will provide you a new email account).

Link Email Addresses to Google Accounts

Google Accounts have a feature permitting you to associate multiple email addresses with your account.  This feature may be useful to you if you already have a Google Account but currently use other non-Google email addresses for organization purposes.  Associating the two may be a preferred solution to creating another Google Account or changing the email address you use for organization messages.

Note: associating additional email addresses with a Google Account does not change the behavior of your email/gmail accounts in any way.

To associate email addresses with a Google Account visit: and click the 'Edit' link in the Email section.  You can add multiple email addresses.

When your Google Account has multiple associated email addresses and you join a Google Group (email list), your group membership settings allow you to select which email address receives the group's messages.

Next Steps

Once you have your Google Account, 

  • Sign in to your Google account, using the 'Sign in' button at or many other Google pages.
  • Join the relevant Google Groups.
  • Your group permissions may provide you access to private calendars, drive folders/files etc. which you may be able to add into your account's calendar and drive service pages (and be able to access from your smartphone).  Refer to your organization information, and help pages here.

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