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This page contains User Guidelines for the Gmail email service.

There are several types of Google Gmail accounts:
  • Personal/Consumer Gmail - addresses with the format:
  • Google Apps Gmail - these addresses utilize the organization's Google Apps domain name.  For the ORG, our email address format is:
  • Google Account without Gmail - some people may have a Google Account (for logging into services) that is associated with an external email account (, rather than using the Gmail service. This Gmail information does NOT apply to these individuals.
While the basic mechanism for accessing Gmail is by logging into the Gmail website, there are additional options for accessing gmail:
  • Accessing Gmail through your computer email application.
  • Accessing Gmail via your smartphone mail application.
It can be quite efficient to use multiple email accounts from your computer's and smartphone's applications, since each email account has its own inbox and folders.


The organization (ORG) has deployed this service in the following specific manner to address our requirements.

For users with one of our Google Apps accounts, the email address is the same as your login, such as

We have not restricted email service related to our Google Apps deployment. 

Getting Started


You must have a Google Account to use gmail.  Refer to User Help -> Accounts for help with account options, and creating an account.

Initial Setup

Here are some tips when first setting up Gmail

Setup your computer's email application for Gmail

If you access your email from more than one device, we recommend using IMAP.  Learn more:

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Setup your Smartphone for Gmail

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Using Gmail

No general info here - please learn Gmail from Google.

Contact Directory

Individuals that have one of our Google Apps accounts ( may have access to the organization directory containing email addresses for all accounts and groups.

Learn More

Here are some links to Google Help and Learning for this service:
Additional Google Apps help and learning resources are listed on our Google Apps Help page.